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THERAPEUTIC WEIGHT REDUCTION DIET This THERAPEUTIC WEIGHT REDUCTION DIET is for you and should be divided into three meals daily. We encourage BREAKFAST as the LARGEST meal of the day and SUPPER as the SMALLEST. A comprehensive metabolic profile, liver function and lipid profile, thyroid function studies should be obtained now and each year and reviewed by this office or your physician.

When you have achieved your ideal body weight of _____________ lbs., please contact this office regarding followup and a new diet which will allow for increased carbohydrates. BREAKFAST Cup coffee and 3-4 glasses of H20, before or after meal. One fresh orange or grapefruit or 8 oz. orange or grapefruit juice 1 d/week 1-2 eggs and 2-4 oz. Steak LUNCH 16-24 ounces of H20 before or after meal 6-8 oz. beef, fish or fowl 2 oz. lettuce and spinach, oil and vinegar dressing. Fruits are largely sugar and we do not recommend them. SUPPER 3-4 glasses of H20 before or after meal 3-4 oz. beef or pork tenderloin, fowl or fish 2-3 oz. lettuce and spinach with ½ tomato or 2 cherry tomatoes - onions, broccoli, oil & vinegar dressing. DAILY 1 Multi-Vitamin with Minerals. Please discuss with doctor or nurse if pH is high!!