SOCGA: “Standard of Care Gone Awry”


By  Robert Gulde, M.D.



SOC is the “Standard of Care” prescribed by the governing organizations of health care in America, the AMA and the others, to make sure that every hospital and every doctor provides the same treatment the same way for every patient.


Once it was a bar set high above the average methods practiced by most doctors and clinics “in the old days.” It was a worthy set of ideals, a goal to be achieved in order to provide better care for the patient.


Later it became more like a procedure manual for a fast food franchise, in that if the fry cook doesn’t salt the French fries with precisely the correct measure of secret seasoning every single time, he can just get out and look for another job!


Today, “Modern Medicine” is practiced in America, in fact, all over the world, under a set of rules that is, well, unhealthy.

Please be seated. What I am about to tell you may be shocking. Especially if you take insulin for Type II diabetes.


The current debate raging over who should PAY for health care is entirely beside the point, as far as I am concerned. The REAL issue is the quality of care patients are denied because of SOCGA. Healing or curing disease has been set aside as the goal of modern medical practice, and replaced by a goal of manufacturing and maintaining a chronic sickness in the patient, so as to extract the maximum amount of money from them until they finally die from that particular malady and its complications, all of which are practically 100% CURABLE!


I’m talking about Type II diabetes, of course, but you can throw in heart disease, too, which is so closely related, and you have an army of people destroyed every year in this country, and increasingly, all over the world, by the very practice of the SOC which is supposed to protect them.


The spellbinding, hypnotic sway Doctors seem to hold over their patients, combined with the spellbinding hypnotic sway Drug Companies seem to hold over doctors, has resulted in an absolutely insane method of patient care where the doctor does little more than diagnose the ailment and then prescribe whatever the latest recommend might be from “Big Pharma.”


How pervasive the conventional drug culture is. Although these drugs are exposed routinely in TV ads for class action law suits as being dangerous and best avoided at all costs,  yet they continue to prescribe them by the handful to their patients.


Doctors know which drugs are dangerous, too. Asked in a recent study which drugs they themselves would avoid or never take  — Advair, Avandia, Celebrex, Ketek, Prilosec, Nexium, or anything at all with Pseudoephedrine in it — topped the list. Does Big Pharma really want the CURE?


I submit to you that it does not make much financial sense for them, especially if the Cure does not involve drugs. Rejoining the debate, it all comes down to Money.


And a strict, regimented control of the how and the what of patient care is really just doctor control and people control in disguise. In Europe and America, especially, doctors with meaningful, proven success in treatment are being persecuted and even prosecuted for daring to contradict the SOC in any form or fashion.


It is my privilege and pleasure to be asked, and to accept the opportunity to serve as a medical editor for this publication. I am in the process of writing a book to chronicle my years and experiences, all of which led me to understand the need for a revolution in the medical field, from the way we teach new doctors, to the way we practice — Care. My apologies to the publishers, for you won’t get many ads from Medicine!