i would like you to think of Others this 
Xmas or Christmas
or CHRIST-mas 
I am going to leave this on top of this Website and of All my Posts because it is Important:;I tried to help others when i had some extra money but now, I don't have alot of funds so I am using my  web Site.
I ask that you might think about others during Christmas and Donate to some of my favorite Charities:
Also currently they are shipping presents to the troops through
the "Holidays for Heroes Campaign"    You could donate and list your name and City and State in donate and messge to the troops.

I would recommend:
I would remmend dropping off a new or new like toy at Toys for Tots Barrow's at your local specialty Store they are red and you can't miss the red train on them located at Wal-mart, Best Buy and Circuit City and Others. Or Click the link or Image  and do it Electronically..
Next :
sa usa
The Salvation Army   They always help those in need. 
and I hope you have a Happy and Joyful Christmas Season 
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